Ferris State Grad, Grand Rapids (Michigan), Passionate Guy.



Currently working for one of the fastest growing private companies in the US.

I have a passion towards how strategy, relationships, media, and design impact businesses and consumers.   I also love food; gardening, hunting, fishing, and cooking.

  • Passionate
    I put my heart and soul into everything. Work, Fishing, Gardening, Running, and the relationships that matter.
  • Methodical
    Most achievements in life don’t happen overnight, so organization and a methodical work approach are key. Author Steven Covey said it best with, “Begin with the end in mind.
  • Focused
    I don’t spread myself too thin so I can avoid distractions to zero in on achieving results for what will have the most impact.
  • Self-Aware
    Understanding weakness and when mistakes are made are the key to self-improvement

I love reading (business, economics, and fiction), fishing, my dog, and sports.